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Thermal Oxidizers For Destroying Hazardous Air Pollutants

Low Emission & Regenerative Models Immediately Available For Sale!


Thermal Oxidizers
Immediately Available For Sale!

24 MM BTU/Hr CECO Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) System
  • Stock #222107
  • Located in the United States
  • Built in 2006
  • Converts noxious fumes containing organic solvents, hydrocarbons and odors to water vapor and carbon dioxide through thermal oxidation.
  • Designed for 1 second of retention time at 1,500°F to completely oxidize any VOC.
  • Designed for 83,070 SCFM and has (5) chambers with a cross section area/chamber of 136.5 sq ft.
  • Complete system includes: 
    • Gas train and controls
    • MCC's
    • SS stack, 76" dia. x 125'
    • (2) Main process induced draft fans, 400 hp, 1,185 RPM, with VFD for each
    • Controls

2.9 - 20 MM BTU/Hr CS John Zink Thermal Oxidizer System
  • Stock #220700
  • Located in the United States
  • Designed to incinerate two solvent laden gas streams using a small amount of natural gas.
  • One small solvent gas stream with a flow of 120 - 320 SCFM, the other larger off gas stream of 8,200 - 17,500 Lbs/Hr.
  • Gas burner is rated for 2.9 - 20 MM BTU/Hr (Installed new in 2006)
  • The waste heat boiler portion generates steam at 25,000 Lbs/Hr with a pressure of 75 PSIG (normal) up to 125 PSIG (design).
  • The unit uses staged burner technology to reduce or eliminate NOx.
  • Major components include:
    • Pre-combustion chamber, 7'2" dia. x 16' OAL with shop installed refractory.
    • Burner by John Zink, PSFR staged fuel burner, with electronic controls and 304SS nozzles and offgas plenum.
    • ABCO waste heat boiler.
    • Stack, 3'6" dia. x 50' OAH
    • (3) Robinson Industries blowers sized for their appropriate streams.
    • Enardo detonation arrestors.

10 MM BTU/Hr John Zink Thermal Oxidizer System

  • Stock #214327
  • Located in the United States
  • Skid mounted design
  • 1,700°F
  • Designed to incinerate various combinations of solvent laden processing fumes.
  • Designed to accept the stream of hot-vent gas containing 14,000 ppmv of VOC entrainment at 810 SCFM; cold-vent gas stream of 2,200 SCFM containing (tract) 100 ppm of VOC. In addition, unit was set up to accept a future waste liquid stream of 1 GPM H2O with 1% phenolic material and ½ GPM organic waste.
  • A retention time of one second is provided in the thermal oxidizer to convert the organic compounds to carbon dioxide, water vapor and sulfur dioxide.
  • System includes:
    • John Zink burner (10 MM BTU/Hr) with CS center-fired fuel gas gun
    • 3'9" OD x 50' vent stack
    • 2' dia. x 8' knockout drum
    • 1,100 SCFM hot vent fan, 7.5 hp
    • 5,400 SCFM combustion air fan, 40 hp
    • NEMA 4, Nitrogen purged control panel
    • NEMA 4 Junction boxes
    • Piperack-mounted fuel gas and pilot gas train with control panel mounted on piperack
    • Honeywell Universal digital controls

5.88 MM BTU/Hr CS Durr Systems GmbH Ecopure Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) System

  • Stock #210004
  • Located in the United Kingdom
  • Type RTOC3-3040, efficient exhaust gas purification system
  • 48,450 CBM/Hr (max.) with a min. flow volume of 10,450 CBM/Hr
  • 6,000 pa max. pressure drop
  • Exhaust air pressure at inlet to RTO system is 5 mbar
  • Includes (3) RTO regenerator sectors:
    • Thermal reactor
    • Combustion chamber with (2) 850 kW gas burners
    • Air system (process, purge, fresh, exhaust and crude air)
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