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Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU)

Immediately Available For Sale!


Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU)
Immediately Available For Sale!

  • Stock #601109
  • Previously used in refinery gasification
    (See refinery gasification plant details below)
  • Facility can recover 99.9% of Sulphur in the feed product (Much more efficient than normal SRU designs which recover only about 94% of the Sulphur)
  • Recovery of Sulphur contained in the H2S absorbed in the Selexol is carried out in (2) independent Claus units with catalytic converters using Parsons technology
  • The 4 Metric Ton/Hr of elemental Sulphur produced from this facility has a typical purity of 99.8% with less than 650 PPM Carbon, 250 PPM ash and 10 PPM H2S
  • Energy is recovered in this unit by the generation of 20 bar, 6 bar and 1 bar steam
  • Main equipment:
    (Contact IPP for a complete list)
    • (2) Claus units
    • Selexol stripper column
    • Sour gas stripper column
    • Waste heat boiler
    • Condensers
  • Tail gas treatment unit is included using Ucarsol MDEA absorption technology
    • Includes thermal oxidizer, hydrogenation reactor, regenerator, reboiler, contactor and condenser)

3,000 Metric Ton/Day Complete Refinery Gasification Plant

  • Immediately Available As A Complete Plant Or Individual Process Units
  • Converts refinery residues into clean syngas and can be converted to use PET coke or coal as the input
  • Commercial start-up: 2003
  • Shut down: 2012
  • Consumes 59 Metric Ton/Hr (1,400 Metric Ton/Day) of heavy residues to produce 130 Metric Ton/Hr (3,000 Metric Ton/Day) of clean syngas, consisting primarily of CO and H2
  • Technology: Texaco (now GE Gasification), ABB, UOP, Parsons (Claus Units) and Praxair
  • The facility is over-designed to accommodate crude oils other than the standard Arab Heavy, such as Basrah Medium high-sulphur and Iranian Heavy feedstocks.
  • Upgraded To High Alloy Piping
  • €20 Million Euro in spare parts: gasifier internals, complete exchangers, compressor internals and motors, Claus unit and distillation tower internals.
  • Raw Materials: Natural Gas, Steam and Refinery Tar

Complete Refinery Process Units For Sale

  • Immediately Available To Be Relocated To The Location Of Your Choice To Operate
  • Gasification Unit: Texaco/GE Technology
  • Air Separation Unit: Praxair Technology
  • Sulphur Recovery Unit: Parsons/Claus Technology
  • Carbon Extraction Unit
  • Gas Cooling Unit
  • Acid Gas Removal Unit
  • Grey Water (Wastewater) Treatment Unit
  • Sour Water Stripper Unit
  • Contact IPP for equipment lists and process descriptions of each system

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