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Small Scale Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Plant

100 Ton/Day Plant Immediately Available For Sale!



100 Ton/Day LNG Plant
Immediately Available For Sale!

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  • Stock #600900
  • Constructed: 2007 (Started operation 2008)
  • Shut Down: 2010
  • Site has a 1 MW electrical supply and water supplies. An additional 4 MW was generated through the (4) off-gas engine generators which was mainly consumed by the compressor.
  • Natural gas was supplied by pipe at a nominal pressure of 55 bar and reduced to 30 bar prior to treatment.
  • Contact IPP for a process description
  • Major equipment includes:
    • Cooling system cold box with fittings
    • (4) Indox gas engine generators
    • Vulcanic electric heater
    • Mercury Absorber
    • (2) Dehydration vessels (molecular sieves)
    • (3) CO2 Removal absorbers
    • (3) PSA towers
    • (2) Cold box heat exchangers
    • Nitrogen recovery column
    • (3) LNG storage tanks
    • 45,000 CBM/Hr Cameron 3-stage main recycle Nitrogen compressor
    • 15,750 CBM/Hr expander compressor
    • Nitrogen evaporators
    • Booster/expander

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