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PVC and VCM: Complete Plants & System Liquidation

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PVC and VCM Plants
Immediately Available For Sale!

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Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Plant For Sale
  • Stock #600846
  • 150,000 Metric Ton/Year
    • Expandable to 180,000 MTPY
  • Start-Up: February 2001
  • Shut Down: 2013
  • Technology: Ineos Vinyl
    • The process employs "closed lid" and VCM stripping technology. The reactors are designed to remain closed in between batches. Unreacted VCM is removed with a stripping column for recycle.
  • PVC Grades Produced: K57, K66-R-G-F and K70
  • Raw Material: VCM
  • Major systems and equipment for sale:
    • (4) 120,000 Liter 304SS reactors (16 bar)
    • (3) 316LSS Columns (stripper/scrubber):
      • 5.4 M dia. x 11.4 M
      • 3.2 M dia. x 6.76 M
      • 1.0 M dia. x 19.4 M
    • 22 Metric Ton/Hr 316LSS continuous fluid bed dryer system (7,700 Kg/Hr)
    • (2) 200 hp 316LSS solid bowl centrifuges
    • 7,700 kW Low pressure boiler
    • Rotex screeners
    • (4) 200 M³ Aluminum bulk storage silos
    • (4) State-of-the-art bagging lines
  • Complete documentation and technology available

Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) Plant For Sale

  • Stock #600847
  • 400,000 Metric Ton/Year
  • Start-Up: September 2000
  • Shut Down: 2013
  • Technology: Mitsui Chemical
    • The reaction technology uses the fluidized catalyst bed process with pure oxygen for oxychlorination.
  • Includes (2) high-pressure EDC cracking furnaces and (4) vaporizers and quenching systems
  • The plant can produce 320,000 MTPY of EDC and then import another 320,000 MTPY of EDC to reach the full 400,000 MTPY VCM capacity
  • Raw Materials: Ethylene, Oxygen and Import EDC
  • Major systems and equipment for sale:
    • Oxychlorination system:
      • Includes (2) main reactions with respect to the production of Ethylene Dichloride (EDC) and cracking of EDC into Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) and Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)
    • Complete EDC Purification System:
      • Consists of columns designed to separate light ends, heavy ends and water to produce purified, dry EDC. Chlorinated organic impurities in the form of light ends and heavy ends are further treated to recover chlorine in the HCl recovery unit.
    • (2) 22.28 MW EDC cracking furnaces
    • (5) Distillation columns:
      • 2,350 mm dia. tray column systems including reboilers, condensers and circulation pumps
    • Complete refrigeration system:
      • Includes 21,514 CFM @ 21 barg Propylene compressor complete with evaporator, condenser, pumps and controls
    • 24,000 CFM @ 4 bar compressor
  • Complete documentation and technology available

Other Available PVC and VCM Plants:

  • 75,000 Metric Ton/Year Emulsion PVC (EPVC) Plant
    • Stock #600650
    • Produces a wide range of high quality grades covering several applications
    • Built: 1988
    • Technology uses antifouling system, latex effective stripping and several other systems to improve quality, safety and keep operating costs low
    • Raw Materials: VCM, demineralized water, emulsifiers, catalysts and additives
    • Battery limits include: bagging lines for PVC powder, wastewater treatment, control motor center and air compressor section
    • Major equipment for sale:
      • (18) 6,500 Gallon SS polymerization reactors
      • (3) 3 M dia. x 18 M stripping columns (8,000 Kg/Hr latex)
      • (5) Dryers: (2) Bowen spray wheel, (2) Niro fluid bed and Nubilosa fluid bed
      • Wastewater stripping column
      • (12) Modern mill-classifiers
      • (5) Hammer mills
      • DCS process control
    • Complete documentation available
    • Technology and recipes included

  • 300,000 Metric Ton/Year VCM Plant
    • Stock #600641
    • Capacity can reach well over 300,000 MTPY with minor improvements
    • Please fill out the form to the right if you would like more information about this plant.

  • 185,000 Metric Ton/year Suspension PVC (SPVC) Plant
    • Stock #600640
    • Capacity can easily be increased with minor improvements and/or providing cold water for reactor refrigeration
    • Please fill out the form to the right if you would like more information about this plant.

  • 120,00 Metric Ton/Year VCM Plant
    • Stock #600649
    • Capacity can reach well over 250,000 MTPY with minor improvements
    • Please fill out the form to the right if you would like more information about this plant.

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