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350 Metric Ton/Day Methanol Plant

Immediately Available For Sale!


350 Metric Ton/Day Methanol Plant
Immediately Available For Sale!

  • Stock #600304
  • Located in Germany
  • Designed for the production of synthetic gases from heat value-rich waste, bio-waste and different types of coal.
  • Utilizes Uhde technology for both low-pressure synthesis and distillation.
  • The Uhde low-pressure synthesis loop consists of a recycle compressor, feed/effluent exchanger, methanol reactor, final cooler and crude methanol separator.
  • Process: (Contact IPP for a complete process description)
    • The process is a middle pressure process at 45 bar. The synthesis gas came out from the synthesis gas generation with 24 bar and has been recompressed to 45 bar.
    • The crude methanol, which is condensed downstream of the methanol reactor, is separated from unreacted gas in the separator and routed via an expansion drum to the crude methanol distillation.
    • Water and minor quantities of by-products formed in the synthesis are removed by an energy saving Uhde-designed three-column distillation system.
  • Sections:
    • Fresh gas compressor that supplies the synthesis gas.
    • Gas-cleaning section with (3) catalyst bed reactors to remove impurities from feed gas.
    • Synthesis section for the production of crude methanol.
    • Distillation section for the production of grade AA methanol.
  • Chemical quality to be used in the following:
    • Acetic acid
    • Solvents
    • Vitamin products
    • Formaldehyde
    • Anti-knocking agents
    • Antifreeze
    • Chemical synthesis
  • Major equipment:
    (Contact IPP for a complete list)
    • Babcock-Borsig centrifugal compressor: Make-up gas (MUG) and recycle gas (REC). Compresses 50,000 Nm³/Hr of make-up gas from 19 bar @ 44°C to 44 bar @ 117°C and 285,000 Nm³/Hr of recycle gas from 37 bar @ 37°C to 42 bar @ 49°C. Complete with 4 MW electric drive motor.
    • Activated carbon reactor: Fixed bed. 2.2 M dia. x 9.4 M. 54 bar @ 160°C.
    • Deoxo reactor: 2.2 M dia. x 4.3 M. 54 bar @ 230°C.
    • Guard bed reactor: 2.2 M dia. x 7.7 M. 54 bar @ 250°C.
    • Methanol reactor: 4 M dia. x 12.5 M. 54 bar @ 270°C.
    • Crude Methanol storage tank: 66,000 Gallon. 3.8 M dia. x 21 M.
    • Refining column 1: 2.3 M dia. x 40.4 M with (73) sieve trays
    • Refining column 2: 3 M dia. x 39.5 M with (68) sieve trays
    • Topping column: 1.2/3.5 M dia. x 33.5 M with (48) sieve trays
    • (2) Pure Methanol storage tanks: 34,000 Gallon. 2.8 M dia. x 22 M.
    • ABB Procontrol process control system.
  • Contact IPP for drawings and process flow diagrams
  • Complete documentation available

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