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(4) 71.35 MM BTU/Hr Lummus SRT Pyrolysis Furnaces For Sale

Previously Used To Crack Ethane And Propane



(4) 71.35 Million BTU/Hr Lummus SRT Pyrolysis Cracking Furnaces
Immediately Available For Sale!

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  • Stock #222158
  • Capacity: 71.35 MM BTU/Hr (each)
  • Previously used to crack Ethane and Propane
  • Short residence time (SRT) cracking furnaces
  • Include (1) radiant section and (3) convection sections, with a vapor flow capacity of approximately 36,400 Lbs/Hr
  • Radiant section is gas-fired with John Zink burners with a max. heat release per burner of 2.3 MM BTU/Hr
  • Each furnace produces steam at the following rates:
    • Ethane: 33,389 Lbs/Hr (SOR) and 33,960 Lbs/Hr (EOR)
    • Propane: 39,778 Lbs/Hr  (SOR) and 38,697 Lbs/Hr (EOR)
  • Feed and product rates for the SRT:
    • When cracking ethane (70% conversion), feed rate is 28,000 Lbs/Hr, ethylene is 14,747 Lbs/Hr.
    • When cracking propane (90% conversion), feed rate is 40,000 Lbs/Hr, ethylene is 14,378 Lbs/Hr, propylene is 6,004 Lbs/Hr.
  • The coil arrangement:
    • Tubes are oriented vertically in all sections.
    • Tube material of construction is high Chrome Nickel alloy (G-X 40 CrNiNb3523)
    • Total number of tubes in all sections is (28), with a total surface area of 1,194 sq. ft.
    • Tube diameter ranges from 7.09” (radiant) to 3.74” (convection)

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