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75,000 Ton/Year Gel Detergent Plant

Immediately Available For Sale!



Gel Detergent Plant
Immediately Available For Sale!

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  • Stock #600835
  • 75,000 Ton/Year (150 MM Lbs/Year)
  • Includes entire formulation production process, along with the filling and packaging line.
  • Previously used to manufacture gel detergent for automatic dishwashers.
  • The detergent packaging equipment fills up to (20) cases per minute depending upon bottle size and can fill at least (4) different bottle sizes (Contact IPP for details).
  • The detergent process technology is very competitive and can be used to produce any kind of gel detergent.
  • Raw Materials: surfactants, polymers, thickening agents, silicate, caustic, phosphates and bleach
  • Major equipment:
    (Contact IPP for a complete list)
    • (2) 1,600 Gallon 304LSS crutcher vessels
    • Filling Line:  (Over 15 Components. Contact IPP For Details.)
      • Columbia Okura depalletizing robot Model A-1600 (Installed 2000).
      • Climax Un-caser (Bottle Picker) Mdl CU-32L. (9) Heads, (6) bottle pickers per head.
      • 40-head Accuflow filler machine. Includes 12-head capper. Closed-coupled line.
      • Sterling cap sorter and feeder with feed line and cap feed escalators.
      • Filtec level detector with Filtec Proline ejector system.
      • Miller-hydro-Lynch packer.
      • Color mix system (Installed 2000). (12) SS Tanks (300 Gallon to 500 Gallon). System feeds in-line color addition system.
      • Columbia Model 500-LR-TBX palletizer.
    • (19) Color systems (316LSS and 304LSS): 2.5’ dia. to 8.9’ dia.
    • (16) Tanks (316LSS and 304LSS): 1,300 Gallon to 21,000 Gallon.
    • (2) 3,600 cu. ft. silos.
  • Contact IPP for a process description
  • Complete documentation available

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