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Refinery Gasification Plant
Immediately Available For Sale!

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Refinery Gasification Plant For Sale
  • Stock #600759
  • 3,000 Metric Ton/Day
  • Start-up: 2003
  • Shut down: 2012
  • Consumes 59 Metric Ton/hr (1,400 MTPD) of heavy residues to produce 130 Metric Ton/hr (3,000 MTPD) of clean syngas, consisting primarily of CO and H2.
  • Technology: Texaco (now GE Gasification), ABB, UOP, Parsons (Claus units) and Praxair
  • The facility is over-designed to accomodate crude oils other than the standard Arab Heavy, such as Basrah Medium high-sulphur and Iranian Heavy feedstocks
  • Upgraded to high alloy piping
  • € 20 Million Euro in spare parts: gasifier internals, complete exchangers, compressor internals and motors, Claus unit and distillation tower internals
  • Raw materials: natural gas, steam and refinery tar
  • See complete system details below

Complete Refinery Process Units For Sale

  • Gasification Unit
    • Stock #601104
    • Technology: Texaco/GE
    • (2) Down-flow, quench type gasifiers
    • Specifications:
    • 2.8 M (9.2') dia. x 10.2 M (33.5') Inconel 825/CS
    • 1,000 PSI @ 800F (69 bar @ 430C)
    • 59 Metric Ton/Hr (1,400 MTPD) of heavy refinery residue feedstock
    • 130 Metric Ton/Hr (3,000 MTPD) of clean syngas
    • Includes:
    • (2) 3.2 M (10.5') dia. x 7.9 M (25.9') 316LSS/CS scrubbers
    • (2) 36 CBM/Hr @ 99 bar Uraca feed pumps
    • (10) Monel Oxygen double-block-and-bleed valves
    • Monel Oxygen piping

  • Air Separation Unit
    • Stock #601105
    • Technology: Praxair
    • 1,400 Metric Ton/Day
    • Specifications:
    • Produces 70 Metric Ton/Hr of Oxygen (98%+ pure)
    • Oxygen: 76 bar @ 132°C
    • Nitrogen: 36 bar @ 50°C
    • Main Equipment: (Contact IPP for a complete equipment list)
    • Main Air Compressor: 4-stage Sulzer centrifugal with 23 MW ABB motor
    • Booster Air Compressor: 70,000 NM³/Hr Borsig with 3.1 MW ABB motor and Renk gearbox
    • Oxygen Compressor: 50,000 NM³/Hr, 3-stage Sulzer with (6) impellers, 5.5 MW ABB motor and Renk gearbox
    • Nitrogen Compressor: 41,000 NM³/Hr, 5-stage Borsig with 10.8 MW ABB motor, (2) suction lines and Renk gearbox
    • Generator Loaded Nitrogen Turbo-Expander: 950,000 cu. ft./Hr turning at 6,250 RPM
    • (2) Absorption Refrigeration Units using Lithium Bromide solution
    • Cryogenic Distillation Section comprised of (3) columns
    • Seawater Pumping and Distribution System

  • Sulphur Recovery Unit
    • Stock #601109
    • Facility can recover 99.9% of the Sulphur in the feed product
    • Much more efficient than normal SRU designs which recover only about 94% of the Suphur
    • The recovery of the Sulphur contained in the H2S absorbed in the Selexol is carried out in (2) independent Calus units with catalytic converters using Parsons technology.
    • The 4 Metric Ton/Hr of elemental Sulphur produced from this facility has a typical purity of 99.8% with less than 650 PPM Carbon, 250 PPM ash and 10 PPM H2S.
    • Energy is recovered in this unit by the generation of 20 bar, 6 bar and 1 bar steam
    • Main Equipment: (2) Claus units, Selexol stripper column, sour gas stripper column, waste heat boiler and condensers (Contact IPP for a complete equipment list)
    • Tail gas treatment unit is included using Ucarsol MDEA absorption technology (Includes: thermal oxidizer, hydrogenation reactior, regenerator, reboiler, contactor and condenser)

  • Carbon Extraction Unit
    • Stock #601106
    • Soot from gasification is transferred to a recycled naphtha stream and then recycled to the heavy refinery tar feed stream using GE technology.
    • The soot formed in this processs typically ranges from 20 -70 millimicrons
    • They agglomerate readily to the 5 - 10 micron range and have surface areas of 200 - 800 M²/GM
    • (3) sections: Decanter and water flash separator, Naphtha and oil heating, Naphtha stripping

  • Gas Cooling Unit
    • Stock #601107
    • Energy is recovered in this unit by generation of 20 bar, 15 bar and 6 bar steam. 
    • Carbonyl sulfide hydrolysis reactors included. Technology by ABB Lumus Global.

  • Acid Gas Removal Unit
    • Stock #601108
    • Hydrogen sulfide is removed using UOP Selexol technology. Energy is recovered in this unit with a 150 kW liquid turbine-generator and a 1.6 MW gas expansion turbine-generator.

  • Grey Water (Wastewater) Treatment Unit
    • Stock #601110
    • Prepares 33 M³/Hour of grey water (soot in water) for biological treatment.

  • Sour Water Stripper Unit
    • Stock #601111
    • This unit cleans up the sour water to < 20 mg/l ammonia equivalent, then recycles water back to the Carbon Extraction Unit.

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